How to Get Good Reviews for your Online Store

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A review on your online store or product allows your shoppers the chance to leave a feedback or opinion to your online business. It helps other shoppers to build confidence in the product or business before deciding to purchase it. Hence, it gives more importance for the reviews to be good. The more reviews you have, the more convinced a shopper will be that they are making the right decision.

Supplementing with reviews given by your shoppers which usually includes detailed information about your product is a useful way to eliminate buyers’ concern regarding a product. It gives your online store a sense of credibility. Credibility is the biggest factor that contributes to the success of your brand in the future.

“The importance of product reviews can be understood by the fact that 90% of the consumers read online reviews before making a purchase and 72% of the consumers will be prompted to take an action after reading positive reviews.” (Stats collected from Invesp)

By not having any product reviews you are losing out on a massive number of potential shoppers. Online reviews should touch on both pros and cons of a product, service or even a whole brand so that shoppers understand the key selling points as well as its market strengths and weaknesses.

Here are 5 ways to achieve positive reviews from shoppers that are easy to do.

  1. Fast/Punctual Delivery Product delivery is one of the key elements to complete a business transaction. It is the final touch that will be a make-or-break decision for your brand. Therefore it is something that should be given it’s due attention. By having it done seamlessly and fast, you have exceeded your shoppers expectations. Be it B2C or B2B, if delivery is on time it will increase your brand’s credibility.

  2. No Overselling “We’re sorry, your order has been cancelled because the item you’ve ordered is out of stock.” This is something any shopper will not be pleased upon hearing. This is one of the reasons for your brand’s bad review. Overselling is a tragic situation because it comes bearing negative impacts as repercussions. This will adversely affect your reputation and now, a potential shopper will have reservations to purchase any item from your store. Ensure that your inventory stock is managed responsibly.

  3. Competitive Prices Keeping your prices competitive is an essential and effective strategy to help your brand in line with competition. Shoppers generally are inclined to pay once they have decided that it is a good deal. You either set your prices lower, higher or match your competitor’s. If your price is lower it will naturally be attractive to shoppers. When priced higher, it is vital for you to introduce extra features to justify the increased price. Similarly if your price matches the competitor’s, whoever is able to offer more and better features is able to win the shopper over. These are a few points to note that increase the likes of your brand.

  4. Friendly Customer Service Shoppers will feel a sense of loyalty and trust when they are being heard and answered therefore a friendly customer service who replies promptly is crucial. It is recommended for you not to overload shoppers with information in the product description which will lead to enquiries from shoppers. These enquiries if answered fast, it gives the shopper confidence in your brand and converts to sales. Responsiveness encourages people to communicate with you, knowing that they would get a quick response from you.

  5. Incentive Freebies Throwing in a couple of free gifts or incentives to show your appreciation for their support in your brand. Free samples and promo codes are some incentives you can utilize to also encourage shoppers to write a positive in-depth review. It is the best way to show your gratitude for their support.

Product reviews and customer reviews act as a great form of user social proof to increase the credibility of your brand and products. These reviews will pave the way for more leads. Reviews also create an opportunity for you to learn from your customers. Their honest insights and opinions will help you to improve. Above are just the minimum bit that enables you to earn your good reviews. It is simple and effective!