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OneCart is a powerful multi-channel management system that helps you manage inventory, listings, & orders, across all your online shops.

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Powerful Features

OneCart reduces time and error by automating many tasks for you. Here's a sample of what it can do for your business.

Inventory Syncing

Stock quantities are automatically adjusted across platforms. When you get an order from one place, the stock for the same item is accurately updated everywhere else. Never experience another stockout again.

Central Order Processing

View all orders from every platform in one unified screen. Generate picking & packing lists, print documents, and arrange for delivery pickup without logging in separately to every platform.

Listing Management

View all listings in one unified screen, and easily made edits across all platforms. Listings can be "cross-posted" to all platforms quickly and easily, which gives your products maximum exposure to potential customers.

Full Audit Trail

Have full visibility as every quantity and price adjustment is tracked in OneCart, so you'll always know what updates your team mates are making.

And many others!

Smart analytics for business insights

Business moves fast, and you need to make the right decisions to keep ahead of the competition.

OneCart brings all your data together and gives you insights on how things are going, and what you can improve.

Start Making Data-Driven Decisions

Customer Testimonials

See What Others Are Saying.


OneCart has really helped me a lot, especially during the Circuit Breaker period. The stock auto-adjusts and I can see all my inventory info easily without going into office.

Mr. Chong - E-Commerce Manager

Just the order processing alone in OneCart has saved us 3 hours a day. Our warehouse is more efficient, which makes our deliveries faster, and our customers happier.

Mr. Pala - General Manager

Very impressed with the aftersales support for OneCart. If we need any assistance, the team is quick to reply and is focused on helping us achieve our goals.

Mr. Gregory - Manager

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  • Laobanniang
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Frequently Asked Questions

OneCart works in every country that your selected platforms operate in. So for example, it works with all your Shopee accounts in all their markets, like Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, and Taiwan.
Very easy - OneCart connects to the e-commerce platforms, and then you can set up your inventory either from the platform directly, or you can upload it directly to OneCart using Excel.
OneCart links all your produts via their unique SKU, stock-keeping-unit. It will then adjust the stock balance where-ever that SKU is listed when a change occurs. Changes usually occur because of an order that comes in, or if you or your colleague changes the stock.
Yes! Many customers use our "cross-post" feature to quickly add their products to a new e-commerce platform. This helps you get maximum exposure to potential customers, and once you cross-post, the inventory syncing works automatically so you'll always have an accurate count.
Yes! OneCart lets you update order status, do printing, and arrange for delivery right from our software, you don't need to log into different platforms to do your daily work.

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