Mission Statement

OneCart is on a mission to help traders sell successfully online.

A trader is any person or company that buys and sells physical goods for a profit. This could be an individual starting a small business from their apartment, or a company that is a brand owner, or a distributor representing brands, or anyone in-between.

The OneCart Lift: $1,000,000,000 SGD in additional GMV sold by our customers across the OneCart ecosystem - this is additional sales that our software and best practices should help our seller partners achieve.

This mission is the North Star for all our efforts:

Our People: Are we hiring people who live and breathe our mission? We won’t settle for people who don’t care about our customers or our goals as a company. This should not just be a job, but a role where you can do your best work and help make a material financial difference in the lives of our customers.

Product & Engineering: Is our tech and product helping our customers sell more, or not? We will not just be a simplistic API integrator. Technology is a “bicycle of the mind” as Steve Jobs once said. Our technology offerings should enhance and improve the daily work of our users, not hinder or inconvenience them.

Sales: Are we adding value to our customers on how they can grow? And are we working with the right customers who want to grow their business in the first place? It’s perfectly fine for people to want to remain small, but we’re most valuable to sellers who are ready and willing to bring their business to the next level.

Customer Success: Are we doing our best to support our customers? Are we going the extra mile to help them understand the tools we offer, and also learn the best practices of the industry?

Partners: Are we working with the right industry players to enhance our respective efforts? Whether they are enablers, affiliates, or others in our eco-system, our efforts should be accretive, and the sum should be greater than the parts.

Our Values

Act with integrity: We are honest and ethical always. No compromises on this.

Clear thinking, clear discussion, clear actions: We are clear in our minds about what we need to do, articulate in our language, and decisive in our actions. If we are muddled at any point in that process, we should reset and start again. If we need clarification, we seek it immediately.

Work smart & hard: Raw effort is important, and it’s a super-power when applied in the right direction. We find the correct course of action, and then work relentlessly towards it.

Treat everyone with respect: Regardless of race, language, or religion, we work together respectfully to achieve the mission of the company.

100% remote: While we can sometimes work together in person, we are designed to be remote-first by default, which means that communication, documentation, hiring, and all other methods of our work should reflect this reality by default.

Willingness to help: Whether it’s a colleague that is rushing for some deadlines, or our customers who need an extra helping hand, we’ll go that extra mile for them.

No politics or divisive behaviour: Absolutely no politics or any woke/divisive behaviour in any company communications or interactions. Our mission is to help Traders sell online, and that’s what we focus our efforts on.

Team above self: We are a team, not a family. We wait until it hurts before we hire, and when we hire we err on the side of caution before we bring someone on. We understand that fit within a team is not guaranteed, and requirements can change as the company evolves. It’s up to us to recognise that and either upgrade or sunset out.